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Twin Wizard Glacial Gods Vinyl LP


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Sold out!! Twin Wizard's album Glacial Gods on clear splatter vinyl record and swirl variants. Each record is hand numbered and will be shipped with a download card included, which is good for 1 digital download of the album from Bandcamp. This pressing is limited to 40 of the blue/red swirl and 30 of the clear blue with black and red splatter. Select color preference with drop down menu below. These were extras/experiments in the making of the first pressing.

Note: The blue/red swirl versions have an extreme amount of variation. They range from pure blue, red, maroon, purple and blue with red swirl.

Full Length 7 song LP.

Track Listing:
1.Ghost Train Haze
2.Sky Burial
3.Smoke Wizard
4.Cult of Yeti
7.Electric Yeti

Please note: The above images are the actual record. Due to the natural handmade process of the way these records are made, there will be variation in the way each record looks.

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